Package System

1.5–2 Ton capacity

Air, Water, Chilled Water

and Glycol

Standard Features

Precise environmental control systems are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment. The Compu-Aire Mini-Temp  environmental control systems meet the demands of computer rooms, and other spot cooling operations, while offering the flexibility and convenience of an easy installation.


Installed above the ceiling, the Compu-Aire Mini-Temp package system maintains the temperature, wet bulb, and air distribution required.


Computer Matched

The Compu-Aire Mini-Temp package system is designed to create the environment required for computers and other sensitive equipment.

The Compu-Aire Mini-Temp  provides complete control of temperature and humidity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .


Easy Service

Low maintenance components are easily accessible through removable panels, and they do not require disconnecting of piping

or electrical wiring. Compu-Aire stocks spare parts in inventory and they are available on short notice.


High Efficiency

A high sensible heat ratio, two selectable direct drive fan speeds (optional), and precise control allow the Compu-Aire Mini-Temp

to operate efficiently.


Quiet Operation

The scroll compressor is vibration isolated from the chassis. The zinc coated steel cabinet is insulated to ensure quiet operation.


Space Saving Design

All indoor components are installed above the ceiling; no floor space is required.


The Compu-Aire Mini-Temp packaged systems are available in a variety of configurations to provide application flexibility.

Models include Air Cooled, Glycol Cooled, Water Cooled, and Chilled Water systems.

Options Available:


Air Distribution Plenum


Electric Heat


Steam Humidifier


Condensate Pump


Refrigerants R-407C

& R-410A


Installation Operational Manual (IOM)

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