Ayan Nano

 / In Row

Split System

2–4 Ton capacity

Air, Water, Chilled Water and Glycol

The Compu-Aire Inc.  Ayan Nano In Row Unit is the latest addition to the Ayan In Row line. This new unit is designed to create an efficient and modern cooling system, without sacrificing space and specifications. This unit has been designed to be green friendly, by using a high efficiency scroll compressor with EC fans, making it the latest innovation for the customer’s specific cooling needs.


This unit has been designed as supplemental, it provides cooling in a horizontal direction, creating a new way to position the unit. The individual unit can be positioned between the racks, creating a more even dissipation of extreme heat from the servers.

By creating a unit with horizontal cooling, this prevents the mixing of hot and cold air, creating a more efficient cooling unit.

This allows the unit to run to its best capabilities, allowing for improved air conduction, since the cold air is

transported through the side outlets, and throughout the entire facility.


The Ayan Nano features the energy efficient EC Fan Technology.  The evaporator sections are

configured for draw-thru air pattern to provide uniform Air Flow over the coil face area.  Each fan is a cassette type  complete with

a variable speed high efficiency.

The Ayan Nano temperature set points are controlled by the advanced pGD1  System 2200 Plus Microprocessor with the latest 32-byte microprocessor, and consequently the calculation power and operation processing speed have been significantly increased.


The pGD1 controllers has a plastic case enclosure that ensures a high index of protection and reduces the risk of electrostatic discharges.
The structure of the pGD1 allows  connection to other keypad modules, which are in turn easily custom.



Options Available:


Condensate Pump


Refrigerants R-407C & R-410A


Intelligent Microprocessor


Communication Cards:

RS-485, pCO Web and BACnet


Installation Operational Manual (IOM)

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