Centrifugal Fan Condensing Unit Cooled

2–5Ton capacity

The Centrifugal Fan Condensing Unit (CFCU) Cabinet shall be constructed of heavy gage galvanized steel.  Access panels shall be provided for ease of service. The cabinet shall be designed for outdoor installation with a weatherized enamel finish.


FAN: The condensing sections shall be configured for DRAW-THRU air pattern to provide uniform Air Flow over the entire face area of the coil. The fan shall be DWDI Centrifugal Type, Direct drive.


BLOWER MOTOR: The motor shall be PSC, Internally Protected and shall be 1070 RPM and NEMA rated.


CONDENSER COIL: The Condenser Coil shall be slab design and have face area as listed in the technical data sheet.

The prime surface shall be seamless copper tubes with aluminum fins.  Return bends shall be made of seamless copper tube. The Coil shall be counter flow design for maximum heat transfer efficiency.


FINS: Shall be aluminum plate type, die formed fin design to provide optimum strength and turbulence for maximum peak performance without objectionable high pressure drop.


SCROLL COMPRESSOR: The unit shall utilize hermetically sealed high efficiency compressor(s). It shall employ an internal device to prevent reverse rotation upon shut down. In addition, the compressor shall be able to restart after a 5 second time delay without the aid of start assist device. The compressor internally shall have pressure relief valve, current overload and thermal protection.


HOT GAS BYPASS: Hot gas bypass valve is provided on each refrigerant circuit. Unit are provided with factory piped Hot Gas Solenoid Valve  and Externally Equalized, direct acting Discharge Bypass Valve to provide capacity control and maintain the evaporator coil temperature under low load conditions. Used when a constant compressor function is desirable, allowing for compressor cycling and temperature fluctuations to minimize.


REFRIGERANT SYSTEM: The refrigerant circuit shall be provided with:

Filter Dryer

Sight glass

Manually Reset High Pressure Switch

Auto Reset Low Pressure Switch,

Schrader fittings for charging.

Liquid Receiver

Solenoid Valve


FAN CYCLING CONTROL: Condenser fan motor shall be provided with a Pressure Switch to cycle (ON/OFF) the fan during low ambient condition. The Fan Cycling Control shall be effective down to 50°F.

Options Available:


Phenolic Coating


Electro Fin




Weatherized Cabinet


Stainless Steel

Installation Operational Manual (IOM)


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