Dry Fluid Cooler

Dry Fluid Cooled Condenser

2–70 Ton capacity


DRY FLUID COOLER (DFC): The Dry Fluid Cooler Shall Consist of Casing, Coil, Direct-drive Propeller Fan(s) driven by individual Fan Motor(s), Fan Guard and Mounting Legs. All fan motors shall be factory wired to a common electrical control box. The Dry Fluid Cooler shall be arranged for Vertical Air Flow.


The Glycol Coil shall have aluminum fins bonded to copper tubes and shall have full collars that completely cover the copper tubes. The coil shall be pressure tested to 350 psig and shall be designed for counter flow for high heat transfer efficiency.


The Dry Fluid Cooler casing shall be made from a non-corrosive metal to minimize maintenance. Adjustable mounting legs and supports shall be furnished with the DFC. Vibration isolators of the rubber and shear or spring type are to be field provided by others.


The motors shall be permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearings, with inherent overload protection. Motors shall be mounted inside the Dry Fluid Cooler Casing for weather protection.


The direct drive fan blades shall be aluminum, and shall be protected by a heavy gauge, steel wire, zinc plated, and epoxy coated fan guard.  Full width baffles to prevent bypass air shall separate each fan section.


The fluid cooler shall be complete with the following:


Design Data, 24 V Control Circuit

Fan Cycling with Aquastats

Individual Fan Motor Fusing

Non-fuse disconnect 40A

Freeze Stat

Latching  & Holding Relays

Auxiliary Contact

Pump Contactors

Pump Fusing

Terminal Blocks

Options Available:


Phenolic Coating


Electro Fin




Weatherized Cabinet


Stainless Steel

Installation Operational Manual (IOM)

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