Propeller Fan

Heat Pump

 / Heat Pump

Package System

2–20 Ton capacity

Air, Water,

The Compu-Aire Maxi-Kool is a self-contained unit with a ceiling/roof mounted closed loop system. It is available in an air, water, glycol, or chilled water configuration. A high efficiency coil provides maximum air draw through to meet space capacity


A thermally insulated galvanized steel pan is provided for the evaporator coil to prevent any water from reaching the floor


Fully insulated cabinet and side access panels made for easy servicing.


Maxi-Kool Systems are well equipped with the advance System 2000 Microprocessor Controls

- Dual display, digitally operated, remote controller for precise temperature and humidity control

- 16 character LCD display with six push button switches

- Displays current room temperature, unit status, and alarm messages

- 5 year battery backup for volatile memory


Belt Drive Fan Assembly

- Belt driven motors for field adjustment to match external static pressure requirement

- The blowers are DWDI, centrifugal with forward curved blades and both are dynamically and statically balanced


Scroll Compressor

High efficiency scroll compressor with built in thermal overload protection, pressure relief valve, and current overload protection.


Refrigerant Circuits


Thermal expansion valve

Filter drier

Sight glass

High and low pressure switch

Schrader fittings


Electric Reheat

The electric heating coil is a low watt density stainless steel fin tubular construction


Disposable Cylinder Humidifier

Prewired, pre-piped, and maintenance free, this is a steam generating humidifier. The humidifier is equipped with disposable cylinder.


Water Regulating Valve

(Water/Glycol Cooled Units Only)

2way, 150 psig head pressure actuated valve


Water Cooled Condenser

(Water Cooled Units Only)

Heavy duty, counter flow coaxial condensers


Chilled Water Valve

(Chilled Water Units Only)

2way, 2 positions chilled water valve


The Compu-Aire Inc.  Maxi-Kool offers a space saving compact design with many flexible configuration options. This allows the system to be tailored to the needs of the user’s application. Users prefer the Compu-Aire Maxi-Kool for its ability to draw through design for the maximum
heat transfer efficiency.

Options Available:


HEPA Filters


Plug Fan with EC Motor


Smoke Detector


Leak Detection Sensor


Condensate Pump


Refrigerants R-407C & R-410A


Intelligent Microprocessor


Communication Cards:

RS-485, pCO Web and BACnet



Installation Operational Manual (IOM)


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