Compu-Aire Inc. has always focused special attention on simplicity of use, while at the same time fully exploiting the potential for  flexibility and power offered by microprocessor technology.


pCO3 S with  LCD Screen Display

Graphical Touch Screen Display

Family of Controllers

Compu-Aire Inc. offers a diverse range of programmable controls, with state of the art user interfaces, including touch screen displays.

Interact and monitor remotely with the pCO

web card.

Compu-Aire Inc. advanced microprocessing control system provides access to our equipment through building management system (BMS) supporting industrial standard protocols including Modbus, BACnet, and LonWorks. This ensures easy access to the remote management of the unit via modem

and Internet.


**optional feature

BMS Connection


Our controllers have the capability to receive necessary sensor inputs from BMS and utilize it to control the

equipment. The controls can monitor the BMS status and if BMS became offline, controller can seamlessly switch over to local sensors and set points to maintain your data center cooling demand.


**optional feature

Interact and monitor remotely


The pLAN communication option allows two or more systems to talk to each other, pLAN can be programmed for system rotation and for system failure over redundancy.


• Supports up to 16 units

• Lead/lag with multiple active & standby

• Unit rotation and auto changeover

• Alarm switchover to standby

• Assisted cooling

• Assisted heating

• Assisted humidification

• Dehumidification


**optional feature

pCO web card interface


The pCO web card configuration interface provides limited access to control room temp/humidity a log with the ability to reset alarms.


• Mode of operation

• Room temperature/humidity

• Current active alarms

vpLAN Stand alone network Stand alone supervision over web browser
• Setpoint control for alarms

• Unit status with

virtual information

• Current set points for temp/humidity

• Current status for vital components such as compressors, humidifiers, fan and reheat


**optional feature

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