RTU Centrifugal

 / Roof Top

Roof Top Centrifugal type

2–20Ton capacity


Maxi-Kool RTU

Design provides safe and reliable support for a broad variety of operating environments, in addition to computer rooms. Typical applications include, but are not limited to:

Telecommunication Rooms

Networks and Switching Centers

Hospital diagnostic stations Clean Rooms

Museums and Archives Audio/Video control rooms Industrial Process

Control Rooms


Sensitive chemical processing areas

Maxi-Kool Roof Top Unit reputation for reliability is legendary-units installed over a decade ago continue to provide safe, predictable protection. MAXI-KOOL-ROOF TOP UNIT not only keeps pace with rapidly changing computer technology, but also offers the highest degree of reliability in component and system operation, for year after year, 24-hours per day, 365 days performance.

MAXI-KOOL-ROOF TOP UNIT offers you total environmental air protection for your sizable computer investment providing you complete control of critical environments.



Cabinet shall be constructed of heavy gage galvanized steel. Double Wall Access panels shall be provided for ease of service. Supply & Return air openings shall have 1” duct flanges(s) for ducting the evaporator air. Evaporator section shall be insulated with 1.5”, 2 lb high density R-13 insulation and the condensate pan shall be stainless steel. Mounting rails shall be provided with the unit. Rubber and shear pads are to be by others.



Cabinet exterior access panels shall be constructed of double wall construction. Each access panel shall be reinforced with additional heavy gauge metal with insulation on both panels. Allowing a maximum vibration, noise and thermal insulation (attenuation) during system operation.



MAXI KOOL Unit Cabinet shall be weatherized for outdoor installation. The Hood and Bird Screen shall be installed on the Condenser Supply and Discharge. The Unit shall be painted with Compu-Aire Standard Enamel Finish.

EVAPORATOR BLOWER SECTION: The air conditioner shall be configured for draw-thru air pattern to provide uniform air flow over the entire face area of the coil. The unit shall have DWDI blower(s). Each shall be the centrifugal type with forward curved blades, both dynamically and statically balanced. The blower(s) shall operate in the Class-I range, shall be belt driven, and rated in accordance with AMCA Standard #210.

The speed of the blowers shall be adjustable by means of a variable pitch motor pulley. Drive and dual belts shall be sized for

200% of the motor horsepower rating, and shall be oil and heat resistant and static conducting.



Options Available:


HEPA Filters


Plug Fan with EC Motor


Smoke Detector


Leak Detection Sensor


Condensate Pump


Refrigerants R-407C & R-410A


Intelligent Microprocessor


Communication Cards:

RS-485, pCO Web and BACnet


Installation Operational Manual (IOM)

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